Advanced System Care

Probably because of the recent virus that installed itself on my computer, I noticed a link on Giveaway of the Day I hadn’t noticed before. It says that Giveaway of the day is adware/spyware free, and if you want to check that for yourself they recommend – Advanced System Care – both free and pro versions are available.

It’s supposed to prevent spyware, hackers and hijackers from installing malicious items on your computer and scan and remove any that are already on there. Besides that, Advanced System Care has a whole lot of other tools that are supposed to make your computer run better, and it’s supposed to be really easy to use.

I haven’t tried it yet. First I’ll be reading the user reviews. The ones I’ve read so far are really positive. Have any of you tried this? What do you think? Good? Bad? The best thing since sliced bread?


Leave My Computer Alone!

I left my computer alone for a few minutes last night and came back to find a mess. It’s not like I’ve never left it alone before. I thought I could trust it!

My brother left a comment saying he had a similar problem recently. He downloaded a program called Malwarebytes, and that took care of his problem. So, I tried it. I downloaded the free version, installed, and attempted a scan. My computer shut down before the scan could complete.

Luckily, I had recently downloaded a program called WinUtilities from Giveaway of the Day. It has a tool to manage the startup files on your computer, so I looked through those and found something called prunnet.exe. That was the culprit, as well as some kind of advertising service that had installed itself. I couldn’t just delete the file because it was running, but by disabling it in the startup files and then restarting my computer, I think I kept it from starting. Then I browsed to the file (in Windows/system32) and deleted it. I also selected all other files there that had been created at the same time, and by right-clicking them, I could scan just those files with Malwarebytes. It found the bad files and removed them. I also used Add/Remove Programs to uninstall the advertising ‘service’ that had placed itself on my computer.

Now, I’m crossing my fingers that it all worked. So far so good – no more annoying popups. Still, I’m irritated that people do these kinds of things. Don’t they have better things to do with their lives? Thank you to the creators of Malwarebytes – I’m thankful you chose to use your powers for good. The rest of you – leave my computer alone!

DVD Copy Software

I was reading the comments for today’s Giveaway of the Day, which is a DVD copy program. There was a lot of discussion about the legalities and illegalities of copying DVDs. However, I believe that, if I have a copy of a movie on DVD, then I should have the right to make a backup copy of it. Disney has a program that lets you register your DVDs, so that, if anything happens to them, you can get a replacement, for a nominal fee of $6.95. It’s not free, but it is cheaper than you can usually go out and buy the DVD in the store. I don’t know that any other DVDs can be registered and protected that way, so having a backup seems to be a very good idea. We already do it with all of our music CDs so we don’t have to carry the originals in the car.

In the comments on the Giveaway of the Day program, several people mentioned DVDFab as good DVD Copy software that is always available for free. So, if you miss today’s Giveaway of the Day, and you have some DVDs you’d like to backup, you can try this. I think I’m going to try the one from Giveaway of the Day, just because today is the only day I can get it for free. If I don’t like it, I can always go back and and download DVDFab.

Giveaway of the Day

This is one of those sites I wish someone had told me about sooner. Every day they give away software – for FREE. The software is available for download for 24 hours, and that software is absolutely free. That means – not a trial, not a limited version – but a registered and legal version of the software, free for their visitors. The software has to be downloaded, installed and registered that same day, and there are no upgrades and no technical support.

One of the most helpful things about the site is that people who have already downloaded and installed the program can leave their comments and rate it. Often someone will leave a link to another similar program – usually also free – that they feel does a better job than the one currently being offered by Giveaway of the Day. So sometimes, instead of downloading and installing a program that I might need someday, I bookmark the other ones so I can find them if I ever need them. Also, be sure to read the 15 minute review by Bladed Thoth. He gives a more in-depth review of how the program works, if it works, etc. Very helpful.

I have added a ticker from Giveaway of the Day to my sidebar. Each day it shows the software that is available for FREE, and how long you have left to download and install it. If you see something that sounds interesting, just click and check it out.

And, if you’re into games, you’ll also want to check out the Game Giveaway of the Day.