All My Faves

I just learned about this website today in an email. It’s called All My Faves, and I think it links to everything on the Internet. Email? They’ve got it. Travel sites? Those too. Video, music, dating, chat, and games. If it’s not here, I don’t think it’s on the web.

The blog gives more information about a lot of the sites. It looks like a good place to find all kinds of fun and useful sites.


Technorati for my Blog

I just pointed one of my other blogs to a Custom Domain today. Now, I have to start all over again, building Page Rank, lowering my Alexa score, increasing my authority in Technorati. If I had known I could use my own domain back in the beginning of the year when I really started using that blog, I would have done it then. Of course, that means I would have had to come up with a good domain name back then, and who knows what I would have come up with.

I ended up using, and while I was updating my Technorati Profile and claiming that blog – even though it’s the same blog as before – I realized that I hadn’t added this one. So now I’m doing it. I really like Technorati. It’s a great way of keeping track of who links to you, if you care about things like that. I do. I think it’s fun to see who is linking to me and then being able to visit them.