Domain Update

It works! It wasn’t working yet when I went to bed last night, but I got up this morning, checked to see if it worked yet, and it does! I had to make a change or two to the template because the images weren’t loading, so I saved them to my computer and uploaded to a different server. Once I updated the images in my template, everything worked well.

I did end up getting impatient last night because it wasn’t working yet, so I started doing a little more reading, and ended up following these instructions instead. Instead of creating a new CNAME record, I just had to edit the ‘www’ one and have it point to – and it works. I don’t know if the other way would have worked, because I didn’t wait to see, but these instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Then I read this:

With GoDaddy Total DNS Control, you have 2 lists – “A” and “CNAME”. The “A” list needs to be empty, and the “CNAME” for the “www” alias needs to be at the top of the “CNAME” list.

So, I deleted the one item in the “A” list – though I really don’t understand it, and I did copy it to notepad first so I can put it back if I need to.


Switching to My Own Domain

I recently read an article saying I could buy my own domain, but continue hosting my blog here on Blogspot. By keeping my blog in the same place and letting Google forward everything, I won’t lose any of my incoming links, readers, or PageRank. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with this blog, because it is brand new. I don’t have any links, readers, or PageRank, yet.

But I figured that, if I was going to try the custom domain, I would try it out on a new blog first – before switching an established blog. Besides, now this blog will always have its own domain – provided I did it right. We shall see.

I followed these instructions on How to Use the New Custom Domain Feature for Your Blogspot Blog. Then I followed the instructions to use custom domain on my blog. Now I’m waiting to see if it works. It says it could take a couple days to get everything switched, which means I probably should have followed the first instructions to tell my domain where to point. Then, once it was pointing to the right place, changed my blog, instead of doing it all at once. Because the blog is already pointing to the domain, but the domain hasn’t forwarded to the blog yet.

I will be sure to let you know how it turns out.