Printing My Pages

I’ve been working on a new blog to share and organize my recipes – bcmom’s kitchen. As I started posting recipes there, I realized that people might want to be able to print the recipes. I might even want to print some of these out. Sometimes I just open the recipe on my computer and then go back and forth between the kitchen and the computer – not very efficient. Or I’ll scribble the ingredients on an old envelope or something. It works, but still not ideal.

Printing a recipe from a blog isn’t very efficient either. For instance, I just did a print preview for my Cinnamon Roll recipe, and I ended up with 4 pages. Only one of them had the actual recipe, so I suppose someone who wanted to print the recipe could print just that page, but why should it be so complicated? I need a separate, simpler, printable page.

I decided to use Google Docs to create my printable recipe pages. It was really easy, too. I simply copied and pasted the recipe, with no extra text or pictures, into a new document in Google Docs, and then I published the page.

Once I published the page, I copied the link Google gave me and used it on my blog to add a link that says Print this recipe.

When someone clicks the link, they get a new page that contains only the recipe. It makes a clean, simple page that is perfect for printing.

I’m planning to create and publish one of these Google Docs for all the recipes I post on my blog. Hopefully that means more people will be trying my recipes, or at least printing them out with the intent to try them.

2 thoughts on “Printing My Pages

  1. I think your blog is great and I was so excited to read your article about printing recipe pages. I tried it but it just does not work for me! I wonder what I might be doing wrong….. once I have pasted the google link into my blog I get the ERROR message saying: unacceptable characters in link. I wonder if this happened to you. I would be really grateful for some help.

    Regards, Cheryl

  2. Cheryl – I’m sorry I don’t know how to help you. I’ve never had a problem. Once I publish my Google Document, I just copy the link they give me, add it to my blog, and it works. I just tried another one yesterday to see, and it worked fine.

    If I think of anything, I’ll let you know!

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