How’d They Do That?

I haven’t checked out this entire list of 50 Amazing Blogger Tricks and Hacks, but it looks like there are some very useful links here. If you’ve ever seen something on a blog and wondered, “How’d they do that?” you just might find the answer somewhere on this list. I love it when people know how to do something, and they share with the rest of us.

So far I started with #51 (on a list of 50, I know) – make your blog dofollow.


One thought on “How’d They Do That?

  1. Hey thanks for the Blogger info! We will be back to check out your blog some more! As for the picture of our Mom’s head being gone! She doesn’t really know how it happened. She was trying to take a picture of her son and Granddaughter in the car through the window and that is what happened. She thinks it’s a reflection or a picture of the other side of the car!
    Your FL furiends,

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